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Written and directed by Remy L. Overkempe; sets by Hans Overkempe and Remy L. Overkempe; sound effects by The Freesound Project; promotion by Ratna Marapin; creative designs by Martian Prince; VU Faculty of Letters representation by Diederik Oostdijk; VU subsidy granted by Ben Peperkamp. Performed by Funest Theatre Company. Presented by Remy L. Overkempe, Ratna Marapin, Lenette Vlasman, Martian Prince and VU University Amsterdam.


At CREA Theater, Turfdraagsterpad 17, 1012 XT Amsterdam. Running time: 1 hour 30 minutes.


With: Lenette Vlasman (Julie), Peter van de Velde (Vinci) and Thomas van Hout (Ireul); also starring Jan Peter Eggink (God and Jesus), Zadok Samson (Gabriel), Marlous Ikking (Petra); Sammy Mostard (Male Julie and Merchant), Charissa Rahmee (Female Vinci), Marjolein Groenewegen (Server), Jonathan Coffeng (Phanuel) and Laetitia Kolstee (Demon).

Special Mentions

Special mentioning of and thank you to Diederik Oostdijk, Krisztina Lajosi, Babs Boter, Anita Raghunath, Ben Peperkamp, of VU University Amsterdam; Cristy Elmendorp; Shyama Daryanani; Miriam van Oort, of CREA Theater; Anne van Emden, of See Tickets Nederland; RHumphries, Sea Fury, neonaeon, jmfh, audible-edge, of The Freesound Project; Matt Stone, Trey Parker; Twitter, Facebook, of The Interwebs; and Celtx.


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